המלצות - Testimonials

"In my position as Amdocs' VP Global Services both me and my teams worked closely with Avihay in his capacity of a corporate lawyer in charge of our real estate, facilities and services legal engagements worldwide. Avihay is an excellent professional and possesses great analytic skills, demonstrates great service attitude and was a true business partner to me and the team balancing properly between our business needs and the legal interests of the company. I am confident that Avihay will bring substantial value to his partners and colleagues in fields of expertise in any business arena."
Yoav Gat
Vice President, Assets, Facilities & Infrastructures
"I worked with Avihay as corporate counsel at Amdocs and found him as a true partner. Avihay has deep knowledge and practical understanding that combine legal requirements together with the business needs. It allows demonstrating one aligned message to the other party. With Avihay as my legal counsel I know a deal will be set while keeping our legal as well as commercial interest. Not more than a short brief is required to put him with the scope and to move forward to closure. He knows to alert where commercial interest might be at risk, due to unclear wording, highlight the risk and let taking a decision based on the full assessment. I enjoyed working with Avihay and hope to cooperate with him again in the future."
Eran Kopilovich
Head of Procurement at Nice
"Avihay is a detailed oriented manager that handled many of the agreements my department had with our vendors. He handled it with care, professionalism and great protection. He was attentive to my needs - although they demanding and in few cases-very time consuming."
Dina Lahav
VP Client Management at American Express Global Business Travel
"I was privileged to work closely with Avihay for several years while both of us were employees at Amdocs where he served as corporate counsel for the Global Real Estate and Procurement department which I headed at the time. I can attest that Avihay is a proactive and dedicated professional who consistently strives to deliver excellent service in a timely manner giving attention to detail while introducing clarity into seemingly complex issues. Avihay skillfully handled a variety of contract types for our group including rental leases, contracts for the procurement of design, engineering and construction services, for electro-mechanical equipment, and for the procurement of facility management services such as maintenance and catering. It was a pleasure working with Avihay and he has my warmest recommendation."
Philip Rosenberg
Director, Global Occupier Services & Project Consulting at Cushman & Wakefield / Inter Israel Real Estate Consultants
"It is my privilege to recommend Avihay, an excellent lawyer with a lot of professional skills, among them excellent analytic skills, quick thinking and the ability to formulate an effective strategy for each case that is assigned to his workload. I personally preferred working with him exclusively."
Meir Eliav
Sales, Business Development, Product and P&L management
"I am quite honored to write a recommendation for Avihay Aharonoff, in his role as Corporate Counsel at Amdocs. As Director of IT Operations I worked with Avihay on several topics which I needed council advice. Beyond his professionalism and dedication Avihay has a positive attitude that helps him accomplish whatever task he is being assigned. He will go that extra mile to give his best to any project / task undertaken serving the best interest of the company. Moreover, he is an excellent team player."
Amir Arad
IT Director of Infrastructures and Information Security at Tnuva
"Being a dominant contributor to the technology purchasing process in Amdocs Avihay successfully led the legal aspects of negotiations as well as contracting of many large scale and legally complicated purchasing agreements. Avihay's extensive knowledge and experience together with his outstanding dedication, generated very high value and were much appreciated."
Yaron Shapiro
Senior Operations and Procurement executive
"I would recommend Avihay as a professional commercial lawyer that could be an added value to any organization . Avihay contributed a lot to the commercial engagements of Amdocs with its suppliers in variety type of engagements like services , sub subcontracts IT services hardware and software across the globe. Avihay has a lot of knowledge and he is a good team player."
Raz Bear
Contingent Workforce Program Manager at Amdocs Global Procurement
"Avihay is one of the most professional persons I had the chance to work with. As legal counsel he was extremely thorough looking into every corner that required special attention. His overall notice of details and responsiveness was amazing. I would recommend his services to anyone."
Ron Levy
Systems Architect at T-Mobile
"Avihay is a service oriented person with special skills in dealing with high value contracts. A very capable and efficient lawyer with the ability to provide quick response to all issues. A pleasure personality that one would enjoy working with."
Yiannis Tinis
Site Manager, Cyprus Development Center at Amdocs
"I had the chance to work with Avihay for several years in Amdocs corporate. I can say that Avihay is a knowledgeable corporate lawyer, with good experience, and the able to apply the right mix of theory and practical considerations. Moreover, Avihay is service oriented and supports his customers very well, as a good lawyer should. I would recommend anyone to work with Avihay and entrust him with provision of legal service within his areas of expertise."
Dror Levy
Director Enterprise Sales - EMEA
"I was privileged to work with Avihay for seven years, in his role as Corporate Counsel at Amdocs. Avihay is very professional, dedicated, organized and creative. He has broad experience and knowledge and he works very well with his customers and colleagues. You can always count on Avihay for his judgment and leadership during the crucial times."
Danit Bar-David
Business Operations professional at Amdocs
"I worked with Avihay in the recent year in establishing legal agreements with software solution partners that amdocs is partnering with. Avihay showed deep knowledge in the legal requirements and professionalism in negotiating the contracts with the partners. Avihay is a team worker that contributes positive atmosphere to the team. i wish you Avihay good luck with your new challenges. Shana Tova!! Raanan"
Raanan Marhaim
Alliance, channels and partner sales director at Amdocs
"Avihay and I have been working very closely when he was Corporate counsel at Amdocs. Avihay is a great partner to work with. He is very professional, always delivered in a timely manner and enabled business to continue while making sure that the company is fully protected."
debby stein
SW Procurement at Nice Systems LTD
"Avihay is the lawyer I would take with me to any tough negotiation to be on my side. We worked closely on complicated and challenging agreements closure for Amdocs IT SW deals. Great legal and commercial achievements under time constraints and policies' conflicts between enterprises - thanks to Avihay. High professional approach with great interpersonal skills are the keys Avihay has to bring extra added value wherever he goes."
Ilanit Dror Cohen
Sourcing Manager and IT Procurement Expert at Amdocs
"It was great pleasure to work with Avihay. Very sharp and detailed oriented professional, Avihay would resolve and provide excellent solutions to complex situations. Friendly and approachable, it was great working him."
Suraj Iyer
Sourcing Manager - Amdocs
"I had pleasure of collaborating with Avihay for consulting on India Procurement contracts. I found him to be very professional &knowledgeable individual. He uses his vast experience/exposure to give you best advice & same time shows flexibility to accommodate your requirements."
Sujit Edlabadkar
Regional Facilities Manager at Amdocs, Pune, managing 9+ lacs sqft area, serving 9000+ employees
"Working with Avihay was a real pleasure. He was highly professional at all times and provided the finance team with a great service in terms of quality and speed."
Dan Palmer
European SSC Finance Manager at Amdocs
"אביחי הינו עורך דין ותיק ומקצועי היודע להתמקד במהות ובעיקר מעבר ליכולותיו המקצועית של אביחי, ראוי לציין את נועם ההליכות, האדיבות והשירותיות שאביחי ניחן בהם."
Eran Argov
Commercial Lawyer
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